338.883h Fire alarm specialty apprentice technician; registration requirements; ratio.

Sec. 3h.

(1) An individual employed as a fire alarm specialty apprentice technician shall register with the board on a form provided by the board within 30 days after employment.

(2) The department of labor shall issue a certificate of registration to a person seeking registration upon satisfactory proof of the person's participation in a bona fide apprenticeship training program approved by the board. This program shall be equivalent to the requirements of those imposed by the United States department of labor bureau of apprenticeship and training, subject to subsection (3).

(3) The ratio of fire alarm specialty technicians to registered fire alarm specialty apprentice technicians shall be on the basis of 1 fire alarm specialty technician to 2 registered fire alarm specialty apprentice technicians. The department of labor or an enforcing agency shall enforce the ratio on a jobsite basis.

History: Add. 1992, Act 130, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1992