338.886 Application of act; local regulation, licensing, and registration; reciprocity.

Sec. 6.

(1) This act, except as otherwise provided for in this section, shall not apply within the jurisdiction of a city, village, or township which has adopted or hereafter adopts an ordinance providing standards for the examination and licensing of master electricians, electrical or specialty contractors, electrical journeymen, sign specialists, and fire alarm specialty technicians and the registration of apprentice electricians and fire alarm specialty apprentice technicians which are not less than those prescribed by this act; providing for enforcement that is substantially similar to this act; providing for civil and criminal penalties and a citation system for minor violations substantially similar to section 8c; providing for the issuance of an identification card that substantially complies with the requirements imposed in section 8c; and providing for the inspection of electrical wiring and equipment.

(2) This act shall not be construed as limiting the power of a municipality to enact such an ordinance, to provide for the licensing of persons, firms, or corporations as electrical or specialty contractors who have a place of business located in the municipality, or to provide for the licensing of journeymen electricians, sign specialists, or fire alarm specialty technicians who reside in the municipality except that the ordinance shall not require either of the following:

(a) The procurement of a license or permit to execute the classes of work specified in section 7(c), (d), (e), and (f).

(b) The procurement of public liability insurance in excess of the coverage required by this act.

(3) Licenses or registrations issued by the board under this act and licenses issued by a municipality having standards for licensing not less than those established by the board shall be recognized by all municipalities.

(4) A municipality providing for electrical inspection by local ordinance may require all electrical or specialty contractors, sign specialists, fire alarm specialty technicians, and classes of electricians doing work in the municipality to register in accordance with its local ordinance.

(5) Municipal registration requirements shall be reciprocal between the municipalities and between municipalities and the board as to registration requirements and fees, except that licensed electrical journeymen, sign specialists, and fire alarm specialty technicians shall not be required to register to work in municipalities under the jurisdiction of the board. All licenses and registrations issued under this act shall be officially recognized by any municipality.

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