Trade Tips

Control Your Drill Depth
"Remove the pilot bit. Put one No. 8 3/8-inch machine screw through the slot in the hole saw and secure with a nut. Do the same thing in the other slot. Adjust the screws up and down to achieve the desired depth. Works on hole saws 7/8-inch and larger. It's simple and inexpensive."

Wire-Pulling Soap Does The Trick
"Have you ever noticed that when you're using older benders, sometimes the pipe will kink, even when you have done everything correctly? This happens because of the drag of the conduit in the bender shoe. To alleviate this problem, just take some wire-pulling soap and use it to 'grease' the inside of the bender shoe. Problem solved!"

Magnet Magic Prevents Fumbling
"When you are running 1/2-inch-to-1-inch pipe and you're carrying an assortment of nuts, bolts, and washers in your nail apron, drop a small but powerful magnet in the pocket along with everything else. You won't have to fumble through your apron to find what you need; just pull out the magnet and chose from what's stuck."